It’s Getting Real Domestic Up in Here Guys…

While trying to find activities to do to keep my anxiety at bay, I have discovered that having a little garden is helping. You know what they say about idle hands after-all. “Idle hands make for more anxiety?” Not sure that’s quite right, but oh well…

Anyways, my “garden” consists of 2 small pots on my 3rd floor balcony. It started out as just one pot, but my plants quickly outgrew just the one. I started with a Tomato plant, basil and lavender.


“Garden” take 1

Well, after a few days of growing, the tomato plant was overtaking the other two (my bad). So it got it’s own pot and the big pot has thyme in it now. So my little garden now looks like this:


“Garden” Take 2

And I have been cooking and experimenting with my fresh herbs all week.

I make some delicious chicken with the basil and some hummus the other day (recipe to come later).

I also have made some fresh tea with the lavender, thyme, some ginger, and honey. Folks, it’s delicious!

In other domestic-driven news, I have been compulsively cleaning, which seems to calm my mind. I also made some homemade granola (recipe to follow).

The feminist in me is rebelling against the fact that cooking and cleaning are the only things really helping my anxiety right now (besides the medicine obviously). And I am driving my roommates nuts with the cleaning. But whatever helps, amirite?

2 thoughts on “It’s Getting Real Domestic Up in Here Guys…

  1. Domesticity totally works for me too! Feminism is totally not about keeping women out of the kitchen, it’s about giving them the chance to do what makes them happy and fulfilled, and if that’s cooking and gardening then go for it! When I get stressed I tend to knit hats and bake cookies, both of which seem anti-feminist but totally aren’t when you go about them the right way 🙂
    Also, that tea sounds AMAZING. Want.

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