The Crochet Project That Wouldn’t End.

About a year ago I started a granny square afghan project to match the colors in my living room- Green, teal, and mint green.

Such a pretty little granny square. :)

Such a pretty little granny square. 🙂

Granny squares are super easy to make, so I figured it would be a fast, fun project to undertake! Boy was I wrong, haha! It has been fun for the most part, besides being sick of looking at all these stupid granny squares. Seriously. So. Many. Squares. And I decided to make all the squares different, to make my life even more difficult, obviously.

This isn't even all the squares.

This isn’t even all the squares.

But I kept going until I had enough to make up my blanket. I made 60 granny squares total, to have 10 rows of 6 squares each. It’s going to be a big one since my boyfriend and I like to snuggle under them on the couch and he’s pretty tall. Nothing worse than a blanket that isn’t long enough to cover your toes.

I am finally seeing the light at the end of the tunnel though. I have started joining my squares together and I am so happy with how it is coming together! It really is beautiful, I almost can’t believe that I made it. I can’t wait to see it finished and I will be sure to post about it when it is finally done. (Hopefully it won’t take another year to finish it!)



You can find out how to make a granny square here:  Granny Square How-to

And this is the technique I am using to join my squares: Flat Braid Joining Technique How-to Video

**I really like this technique because it lays flat and I think it looks a little more finished than some of the other joining techniques I’ve tried. (I tried and removed 3 other types before I settled on this one.)


Does anyone else out there crochet? Have a favorite stitch they use?




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