Moving: The Saga Continues

As I said before in my last post, I am planning a big move across the country very soon. Soon, as in 10 days. 2000 miles in 3 days. It’s going to be a rough, long haul to say the least. 

I am equal parts elated and terrified for this change. Change is always scary, especially big change like this, but I am so hopeful. A fresh state, a fresh city and a new chapter of our lives to make great new memories. This past year has been rough, changing jobs, lots of stressful planning for this move and some major health problems have plagued us. It may be naive to think this, but this feels like a start to a change in our luck. One that we desperately need. Not asking too much right? 

I read somewhere that you aren’t supposed to plan a move or make any major decisions to “run away” from anything. And maybe this is a little bit of that. Running away from my illness and mental health problems of the past few years. Running away from some issues with people I thought I was close with. Lots of running. But I think that we are also embarking on an awesome adventure and running towards the new experiences we are going to have. So that’s what I am telling myself and getting myself excited about it.

(google image)

(google image)

As far as my stress level goes though, I am not nearly so excited about that. Currently, 10 days away from leaving, we have no home in AZ. I have not been able to find a rental in our budget that will accept German Shepherds. This has been the most frustrating process of my entire life  moving process. I wish more rentals were willing to do a pet interview so that they can see how fabulous he is.

Good boy :)

Good boy 🙂

I understand that some members of the breed may not be wonderful, but you cannot judge all members based on the bad apples (Bully breed owners understand where I’m coming from here, and I’ll be honest, I didn’t think it would be as bad with a Shepherd). But I am holding out on the hope that we will find a place to live that will take Torres and that it is a place where we can be safe and happy in our little family.


So keep your fingers crossed for us folks, it’s looking to be a rough ride. 

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