The Time I Didn’t Die: Tough Mudder 2013 Edition

So I have been meaning to post this for a while now, but I have been in a pretty dark place for the last few days (hence the super depressing post the other day).  I felt pretty good today though, and  I am just taking it day by day. I also have some pretty big life-decisions to make soon. But more on that later.


I am officially a Tough Mudder! It kicked my ass, but that is besides the point! lol I finished and I didn’t die! I didn’t even really injure myself, which if you know me, is pretty impressive. I am still pretty black and blue, but those are just badges of honor for a Mudder 😉

I was afraid that I wouldn’t be able to complete this race since I had to skip the Half-Marathon in April of this year already. But I did it!


"Arctic Enema"  (from

“Arctic Enema” (from


"Walk the Plank"  (from

“Walk the Plank” (from


"Fire Walker"  (from

“Fire Walker” (from

And let’s not forget THIS!

"Electroshock Therapy"  (

“Electroshock Therapy” (

Note: None of those people are actually me (I know, shocking right!)

But here is our “After” picture of the team 🙂

All Done! Best team ever!

All Done! Best team ever!

All in all, I was very proud of myself and my team for entering and completing this race. We had a great time and weren’t worried about our time, just staying safe and having fun. It took us almost 5 hours to finish, and all of us were different levels of fitness going into it. You don’t just have to be a crazy marathon-er to do well! 😉

I would definitely recommend this race to anyone looking for a challenge. I have completed several Warrior Dashes before this and the Tough Mudder makes those look like child’s-play ha-ha! I will probably sign up to do it again next year, but we’ll see.

If anyone else completed a Mudder race this year, please feel free to share your stories, I’d love to hear them!


Race on folks! You’re awesome!