Recap Lansing Marathon: Half-Marathon

As promised, here is a recap of the half-marathon from yesterday. I did not run it, but a good friend of mine did. And he rocked it! It was such a great day!

I spent the morning in a state of introspection because I am still upset that I had to step back. But once I met up with my friend and we got to the race, I felt much better. I realized that even though I wasn’t able to compete in the half, I did really well in the 5k the day before. And it also allowed me to spectate and cheer on my fellow runners. So I took advantage by making signs and cheering my head off! So, moral of the story, get over yourself and enjoy things as they come.

Anyways, here are some pictures from the Lansing Half-Marathon yesterday:


Start line during the National anthem.


Runners waiting with the Capital building in the distance


Big crowd of runners right before the start. My friend is in there somewere!

After the start, I walked over to a spot around 10 miles to wait for my friend. I met up with some other spectators and we cheered everyone on while waiting for our friends to pass us. It was so fun meeting new people standing around spectating with me. And inspiring as the first runners started to pass us around 45 minutes.


The first runner that passed us. He had a police escort.


My friend in the blue shirt! Rocking it after 10 miles!


And there they go!

After the finish we took some pictures and went out for lunch. V did so great, he finished in 1:42:15 and placed 77th. Did I forget to mention that this was his first race ever?! He is so inspiring and a rock-star.


Finished! 1:42:15 finish time.


Sign I made to cheer him on!


Finish Line of the Half




Finish line from a distance

Just a few more comments about the race. The police and security were excellent again. They were searching everyone’s bags and patrolling to make everyone feel very safe. There was a strong police presence along the whole route, and I felt very confident in their abilities to keep us safe. Big shout out to the Lansing Police Department! You guys are awesome!

The race was very well organized, and even though they had to make some last minute course changes due to flooding, I heard from my friend that the course was very fun.

I still hope to do a Half-marathon in the future, and I know it will happen. But I was happy to sit back for this one and cheer on and support my fellow runners.

Congratulations to all the finishers for the Marathon and Half-marathon, you are all amazing and my heros!



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