Lansing Marathon 5k Recap

A while ago I posted this about my troubles with running.

Well, in the end I decided not to attempt the half-marathon in fear that I would just over-do it and injure myself.

The Lansing Marathon 5k was today though and it was so much fun. It was organized by Playmakers and they did a fantastic job. As well as the local police who were out in full force today to make everyone feel safe.

I am pretty happy with my results. It wasn’t a PR for me, but considering how ill I have been, I am satisfied I did my best.  I finished in 33:37 and 124 out of 211 runners.


All done! With my finisher’s medal.

Also, I was pleasantly surprised that they were handing out medals to all the 5k finishers as well! And a very nice T-shirt. They went with lime green which is a nice change from the tons of white race T-shirts I have!



New medal and Bib added to my race wall!

All in all, it was a great race. The course was really fun and well organized. There was also an expo at the Lansing Center where they were giving away free massages. I definitely took advantage of that! Score!

I’ll be spectating the Half-Marathon and Marathon tomorrow (a friend is running the half). So I’ll be back tomorrow with more pictures!


2 thoughts on “Lansing Marathon 5k Recap

    • I know they did a good job this year with the shirts! And thanks!! It’s the first thing I see when I wake up in the morning, reminds me of all the cool things I can do. 🙂 You should still display your medal and bib! That’s a major achievement!

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