Lessons from the Animal Kingdom.

Ok, so I am going to talk here about something that is happening to me right now. I have been seeing someone for maybe a month and a half. We have a ton of fun together and seem very compatible. But that’s it. There has been no talk of taking it to the next level or moving forward. We are just hanging out, both still doing our single person thing. And this is killing me. I know all the women out there understand.

Ok, done being pathetic, I have a point I promise.

But I have made a decision. After being devastated and angry that we hadn’t spoken in a few days (severe over-reaction, yes, I’m aware of that), I decided to relax. A novel idea, to be sure. Not stress over whether he is thinking about you? Not stress that maybe I’m not good enough, not smart enough, not PRETTY enough? I’m done with it.

And you know what? It feels great. The decision to just let things happen is pretty transformative. It has made me take a step back and realize that I am awesome. That any guy should be lucky to be with me. And if this guy isn’t it, then it’s just his loss. It had nothing to do with me.

Now this is rather out of left field, but I think that the animal kingdom handles relationships much better than humans do. In the human world, women must primp and preen. We do a lot of the stressing trying to land the right man (or woman). We then feel like there is something wrong with us if the right amount of people don’t hit on us or ask for our number. But that is just wrong.

Now here is where our lesson from the Animal Kingdom comes in. I say we should be more like birds. Among birds, the male is that one that has to woo the female. He has to be the strongest, the most brightly colored and the best at finding food. The female bird won’t settle for less than the best when selecting a mate. And that is the key thing. She chooses him, and he has to fight for her attention.

Take the Bird of Paradise for example:

Source: Google

Source: Google

That poor guy is fighting for her attention, but if he isn’t the biggest, most colorful specimen she sees, she is walking.

Now ladies, the next time you see a dude in ripped jeans and a dirty hoodie, don’t give him your number just because he happens to be the only one asking at that moment. Make them fight for you, because you do not need to settle.

Now get out there and keep being your awesome self! Don’t settle or change yourself for anyone! Be a bird!

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