Six-letter words.

Recently I came across a video on I could describe it, but I’ll let Katie Makkai (much love for my fellow Katie!) tell you herself.

The main thing that I took from it was how much stock our culture places on “Prettiness”. We as women have come very far from being relegated to the kitchen, but if you’re not pretty? Oh well, you just don’t matter as much and you should do something to fix that. “Here, have a cream”.

That’s not true you say? “No, Katie, surely we as individuals are much more evolved than that!” But are you really? Have you never judged another woman based on what clothes she was wearing or the size of her ass? I know I have. We all have. We are not nearly as evolved as we thought we were.

But to be “Pretty”. It’s such an innocuous word. But it carries with it so much meaning. To be “pretty” is to be thin, to be blemish-free, to be tall, to be well-coiffed, and to be perfect. Pretty is a dirty six-letter word.

Why can’t we define ourselves by other words, as Katie says in her video.

How about Strong?

Or Intelligent?





People, I hope you never settle for “pretty”. We should all be striving to be way more than that. Try everyday to be all that you can be. I know it is a struggle. I fight with this everyday of my life. Every time I look in a mirror and worry that my hair and makeup doesn’t look perfect (Heaven forbid!). From now on, when you or I look into a mirror, let’s think to ourselves, “Am I being everything I can be today?” Forget the hair and makeup, they have their place, but should not be first on your thoughts all day, everyday.

Stay fearless, stay intelligent, stay individual my friends.


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